As the threat of coronavirus grows, and may loom for sometime, I want to assure my clients that I am taking every precaution to ensure the health of your little one and your family. This includes continuing my regular safety and hygiene precautions at every session. These include:

  1. I never come to work sick, including fever and possible cold symptoms. I have a back-up photographer available to take on your session or we can look at options available to reschedule out of hospital. 
  2. I always practice the highest level of hand hygiene possible. This includes washing hands and arms when a sink is available in the room and utilizing hand sanitizer frequently. 
  3. Upon request, I am happy to wear a hospital patient gown over my clothes. I know germs are everywhere, including the elevator I take to come up to your room. Ask for an extra patient gown to be available for me to wear over my street clothes to help protect your family from any unwanted germs I’ve encountered. 
  4. Please keep in mind that only special grade N95 masks are considered a preventative measure against coronavirus. However, upon request, I am happy to still ask hospital staff for a regular mask if there are none in your room. Additionally, I do carry a reusable mask made with the CDC guidelines with my gear that is cleaned between all sessions. Currently, major health bodies like the CDC have encouraged hospital masks be saved for sick patients going through the hospital. 
  5. In the event the hospital places a strict visitor restriction, we can speak about rescheduling your session to your home or convert to a studio session with a limited image count.
Mother proudly displaying her new baby at her fresh 48 session in Metro Detroit Michigan

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