Is birth photography right for me?

Imagine if you could forever hold the emotions you have as you see and hold your child for the first time. To capture the strength and support of your spouse as he holds your hand through the painful contractions. Document your family anxiously waiting in the hall. And all the details you were too busy to notice, and too tired to commit to memory.

New baby photographed in Royal Oak Michigan hospital

What if you could document your child’s story? The story of how your baby came into this world? Wouldn’t it be beautiful to always cherish the last days with that belly baby? To save images of your perfect nursery? Or the moments you spend with your children just weeks or days away from becoming big brothers and sisters. Birth story photography includes a full length or mini in home session with a focus on details of your pregnancy and nursery.

Mother nursing her fresh baby in a hospital fresh 48 session near Detroit Michigan

I want you to remember all of the details of that day, the fetal monitor, your epidural, the ball, or the tub. How very many positions you tried, and all the ways everyone was so eager to help. How helpless your spouse was through your pain. And the afterglow of that beautiful new baby! I will be on call from the 37th week of pregnancy, until the baby comes, even if your baby isn’t quite on time. With the commitment to being available to you, day or night, as soon as labor strikes, my time is 100% yours from the moment you leave for the hospital until up to two hours after your new baby arrives! Followed up with another in home session capturing all the tiny details of your new baby! Photos of your family as you get to know each other, stumble through the beginnings of parenthood, and really just breathe each other all in. This newborn session is also offered as a full length lifestyle session to complete your birth story so you may keep the memories forever!

Family welcomes new baby in Roal Oak Michigan hopsital

This is birth photography! This is your baby’s birth story!!! Capture it from start to finish with a maternity and newborn session, as well as on call time from 37 weeks, unlimited time at your birth, and a personalized keepsake. So how do you get started? APPLY NOW!

Mother and baby graduate to a mother baby room after a healthy natrual birth in Pontiac Michgian

Want to know what’s next? First thing we will schedule your in person, video, or phone consultation to go over the contract and talk about expectations! In the mean time ask your caregiver if they allow photography. Once we have completed the consultation, to move forward, retainers are due at $500, and payments plans scheduled to be completed by weeks 36 before the on call time starts. Special gift offered to those paid in full! I’m here for you every step of the way! Don’t hesitate to reach out to me!!

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