My Cesarean

I was in labor for 19 hours.
Finally I was taken by a swarm of doctors and nurses who whisked me away for a cesarean.
In a cold white room, behind a blue wrinkled curtain, I laid with my husband, as the doctors spoke flatly, and I shook uncontrollably.
I birthed my child by cesarean. My body did not fail me.

Self portrait of my cesarean scar.

My child came into this world, birthed by cesarean!
My scar has faded but I will always have a reminder of the day my child came into this world. I birthed her by cesarean!
My body did not fail me!!

A good mother isn’t defined by the process of labor or whether she breastfeed or not. A good mother is defined by the sacrifices she makes and the love that she gives her children.

– Unknown

April is Cesarean Awareness Month. Let’s make a change in the way we think about cesarean births!!

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