Imagine if you could forever hold the emotions you have as you see and hold your child for the first time. To capture the strength and support of your spouse as he holds your hand through the painful contractions. Document your family anxiously waiting in the hall. And all the details you were too busy […]

A fine solid timber, sanded, painted, and finished with a high gloss. The insides are lined with black felt, chrome hinges, and a recessed glass window for display!!

2020 Top 10 Products for Nursing Mothers

I was in labor for 19 hours. Finally I was taken by a swarm of doctors and nurses who whisked me away for a cesarean. In a cold white room, behind a blue wrinkled curtain, I laid with my husband, as the doctors spoke flatly, and I shook uncontrollably.I birthed my child by cesarean. My […]

It was just 33 minutes from the time we arrived at the hospital, until little Reagann made her way into this world. Mom spent 15 minutes of that time in triage where her story could not be documented. She pushed for 6 minutes, of which the on call doctor requested no photographs. Mom was sent […]

When time that came that my daughter was more interested in solid food, she started refusing to nurse – it broke my heart. She was just 9 months old, and for the past 19 months I had nourished her from my own body. Soon it was just once a day she would nurse, and I […]

As the threat of coronavirus grows, and may loom for sometime, I want to assure my clients that I am taking every precaution to ensure the health of your little one and your family. This includes continuing my regular safety and hygiene precautions at every session. These include: I never come to work sick, including […]






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