What is birth photography?

When should I book?

I'm not sure about having someone in the room.

Do we meet before the birth?

What if I go into labor before 37 weeks?

What happens if I need a c-section?

Do you have to use a flash?

What if you miss the birth?

Birth photography is the documenting your baby's journey in birth. The room. The labor. The support team. The caregivers. The contractions. The pushing. The crowning. The baby. The reactions. The first touch. The 'I did it'. The first feed. The first snuggles. The weight and height. ALL OF IT! Birth photography isn't any one thing, it's the whole journey!! 
Although stand alone birth photography is offered, I always recommend selecting the Birth Story Package. I love being able to complete the story behind how your baby came to be! Birth Stories include a maternity and nursery session, your full labor and delivery, and a newborn session. 

I recommend booking after your first trimester. However you may book as soon as you find out you are pregnant! 
Payment plans are offered for any package over $500 and must be paid in full a minimum of 1 week prior to photographer duties. Booking early gives you the opportunity for lower payment installments. 

If you aren't sure yet, or maybe you know you don't want someone in the room for the birth - but have fallen in love with the images the way that I have.. We also offer Golden Hour sessions to capture all the very first moments - just after birth. All the same stand by measures take place, and we will be ready for you the second you wish us in the room!! 

Absolutely! I offer a free consultation to go over the contract and expectations for my services before you even commit!! ‚ÄčAnd if you are interested in meeting for a snack as we get close I am always open to that!! You are allowing me into your birth space and I want you to feel as comfortable with me as you need to be!! 

I do my absolute best to accommodate anything that comes up!! I also work with a network of photographers and birth photographers who will be able to back up situations as needed. 

I make myself available to you from the moment you go into labor. I will follow you through the whole process, however, I am limited to rules and requirements of the hospital and doctor. 
Some of the local hospitals have policies against photography in the OR. Some only allow 1 person in the OR -with or without a camera. Some leave the decision up to the staff in the OR at that time. 
‚ÄčIf I am not allowed into the OR I will meet you in recovery to capture all of the first moments. For planned cesareans, I will accompany you from your home to the hospital capturing the process from the same way. Cesarean sections are not grounds for refunds. 

I do! And most people forget that I am in the room!! You are so focused on what is happening that often times the flash or camera clicks don't even phase you. 
If you request no flash, or a moment of privacy that will be accommodated as well. 

Birth doesn't always go as expected - sometimes a precipitous labour or other incidents such as a car accident - could happen completely out of our control. While it's unlikely.. it is possible. 
In events such as this either a back up photographer will be sent, or I will make every effort to be with you as soon as possible. In some cases you will receive an additional session as compensation.

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